A Drenthe Consulting Management Finance Albert Schweitzer

Values or ‘higher objectives’ strengthen our feeling of purpose and belonging. They provide a compass for decision-making and express our corporate identity. Values ​​are the moral framework within which we want to realize our vision.

We bring the necessary knowledge, experience, competence, skills and time. We make use of available knowledge and explain how we have come to a particular advice or work method. Our clients are therefore able to answer whether the proposed approach or service provided is appropriate for their requirements.

Reliable means that we keep our promises and commitments and that we are careful in handling confidential and sensitive issues.

A Drenthe Consulting Management Finance Martin Luther King

Carefully means that we as professionals take into account the wishes, expectations, rights and interests of all concerned. In addition, careful means that we are reluctant in making judgments about individuals and/or departments within the client organization.

In the relationship professionally independent means that we keep appropriate distance to our mission, and our client ‘s organization so that we can use our knowledge and expertise in an  unobstructed way. We will do what reasonably can be expected of us to prevent conflicts of interest.