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Our experience is gained within leading companies specializing in EPCI Turn-Key On & Offshore projects for the Oil & Gas, wind and civil construction, from design to installation.

Strategic goals, long-term ambitions and the real challenges for the organization are often lost in the heat of the moment. This requires someone with a ‘helicopter view’, someone with distance, who can look ahead and has time to monitor and control. The experience , background and personality of ADrenthe guarantee a quality service

It is important that the business itself realizes the desired change. We structure, think with you, coach and mentor. The goal is embedding.  We challenge your organization to ensure that improvements and innovations are realized and embedded by your own people.

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Learning organization
Transfer of knowledge, experience, energy and know-how is an important pillar in our work. The business and staff are encouraged to think, show initiative and learn and grow. This is to their benefit and at the same time to your business. This approach instills trust in the organization and gives confidence.

The principles of our work are set out in our values en principles.