Vision to Action

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Old fashioned management based on hierarchy (top-down) has given way to management by authority (bottom-up). Fear is one of the most important aspects of the first management style; confidence in yourself and others is an indispensable prerequisite for the second.

This change of professional and personal relationships requires a different approach, a task for all levels in the company.

Top Management
Translating the vision in mission, values ​​and responsibilities
Translating mission in objectives, giving meaning to values ​​and improving competencies
All employees
Ask themselves three questions: Do I understand it? Do I want to do this? Can I do it? Is my behavior exemplary?
ADrenthe | HCD Human Capital Development Model | Krauthammer

For everybody three basic questions apply.
Meaning: do I understand the steps we need to take?
Willingness: am I motivated and willing to do what is asked of me?
Ability: do I have the knowledge and authority to do what is asked of me?
Only if all these three questions are answered positively there will be Action. And with action healthy energy is generated.

Strategy, Culture and Structure
In the HCD model (Human Capital Development) the above comes together. The left side (meaning) refers to the Strategy that gives meaning to the various steps. The center (willingness) is the Culture, the moral framework within one is acting. The right side (ability) concerns Structure, which clarifies responsibilities, authorities and resources.

Source: Krauthammer – HCD
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